cauliflower and bechamel

2013-11-13 08.47.02      we take three potatoes and cut them into four pieces 2013-11-13 08.46.18     get half a cauliflower and cut them into pieces 2013-11-13 08.52.23      we have two pots and throw potatoes and cauliflower in a pint of water there to be soft in we 2013-11-13 09.09.48      we take 20 g butter 2013-11-13 09.13.24     20 g flour 2013-11-13 09.15.06    1/4 l milk 2013-11-13 09.13.15        this ook 2013-11-13 09.13.36      and we cut it out 2013-11-13 09.15.54       do butter and let it warm up 2013-11-13 09.19.16        take the pot and do flour and stir then we go there and we add milk to the boilpepper and salt also upon 2013-11-13 09.23.19      20 min stirring and we do in signs 2013-11-13 09.24.27      the water we do away and let dry 2013-11-13 09.28.18    in a pan we do butter 2013-11-13 09.35.36    let frikadel bins and take it out 2013-11-13 09.40.49   2013-11-13 09.40.25

on a sign and it is ready to eat!

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