stuff Eggplant

Here is the recipe dear :4 eggplant , 2green chili one large sweet chili cilantro and 6 cloves of garlic – First chopped all the ingredient then wash the eggplant don’t have to peel it cut it for Half put that mix inside like one tablespoon after u finished from stuffing make a easy sauce just oil onion And tomato then cook it in presser cooker for 5 min then take it out and carefully put it in a saucepan cook it for another 5 min then serve it ( nosh jantan) hope u guys enjoy it 1235082_527494087336716_352326031_n


2 thoughts on “stuff Eggplant

    • hye jemmy tanxx…. ja maar da heeft geen recept je kan tog zien hoe da heb ik gemaakt 🙂 dat was van een feestje van me frind en ik heb da daar gemaakt 🙂

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